How Covid is affecting me…

COVID-19 has directly harmed others but has indirectly harmed me; it affected me so much that the play I’ve prepared so long for was initially postponed, only to be cut off altogether. I submitted “The Hidden Obverse” for a Drama competition. I received the rating “Excellent” for it was considered a well-written play that led to a successful understanding of the mental health field. However, after directing, my cast and I have been very excited to produce the play. We were not prepared for what was to come, that being “COVID-19.” It has not only taken millions of lives but has also taken the joy Drama has brought to my life. This would’ve been my second play to be produced and the last show to act in, for I was a Senior. Now, I am a Freshman in college that can say that I’ve overcome COVID-19 and the hardships it brought to my: family, cast, and friends indirectly.

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